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Please don't add mods that are already added. Before adding mods,  type  mods name  in the website search and see it on the first page of the relevant category.



Mods adding guide


1. Sign up on website (password you will get in your confirmation message) and Login.
Click on Upload Mod and select the category.




2. Type  Mod title in this order:


"mods name" | "games name (shortened if available - ETS 2, GTA 5...)" Mod



Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 v2.5 | GTA 5 Mod 
Lexus IS-F Original Custom Sound | City Car Driving 1.5.6 Mod
DAF XF 105 v5.4 by vad&k (1.30.x) | ETS 2 Mod
Volvo VNR 640 2018 + Interior v1.0 (1.29.x) | ATS Mod
Glock 18 Savanna | CS:GO Mod
KamAZ Typhoon v1.0 (v07.11.17) | Spintires: MudRunner Mod


Note:   We strongly recommend first Insert, first part of the Mod Title In Mod Title Box (before pipe | )
If Mod Title is:   DAF XF 105 v5.4 by vad&k (1.30.x) | ETS 2 Mod
first Insert  DAF XF 105 v5.4 by vad&k (1.30.x)
After your page is saved, Go to your page, Click on settings button on the upperright corner and then on edit button   Torrent 1   and insert Full Mod Title   DAF XF 105 v5.4 by vad&k (1.30.x) | ETS 2 Mod   and click on Save




3. Type mods subtitle in this order:


"games name (full - Grand Theft Auto V, Euro Truck Simulator 2..)"  Mod  "mods name"



Grand Theft Auto V Mod Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 v2.5
City Car Driving 1.5.6 Mod Lexus IS-F Original Custom Sound
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod 2DAF XF 105 v5.4 by vad&k (1.30.x)
American Truck Simulator Mod Volvo VNR 640 2018 + Interior v1.0 (1.29.x)
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mod Glock 18 Savanna
Spintires: MudRunner Mod KamAZ Typhoon v1.0 (v07.11.17)
M1 Garand v2.0 | GTA 5 Mod




4. Type mod Author or Authors names.  (If Authors are too many insert  they also  in description). If Mod author name is Unknown, type N/A




5. Insert Mod Description.

Note: You can use Mod Description tools, for example make subtitles bold and so on.

Torrent 1




6.  Upload Images.  Dropdown image upload forms by clicking on +.

Torrent 1

Always upload 4 Images (1st Main image and 3 for Screenshots). 



Instead of uploading Images in our server, you can insert your Image Links (Optional). Allowed  image upload server is only blogger.com (google blogger). Sign in in blogger.com by your google account (..@gmail) and create blog. Inside blogger posts upload images Torrent 1, then right click on that picture and click "Copy link address" (not "Copy image address") and insert  link in the image box (without  protocol "https:" - don't remove //). In case you remove blog your imagelinks will be deleted. So don't remove your blog and posts.




7. Insert Mod Download Links:

Second and third Links are optianal (but recommended).


Upload mods in game mods (and other file types) hosting websites (first sign up and log in on these sites):


1.  modsbase.com  (recommended) 
2.  sharemods.com (recommended)
3.  modsup.com
4.  mediafire.com
5.  zippyshare.com
6.  uploaded.net
7.  depositfiles.com
8.  uploadocean.com
9.  uploadas.com
10.   Google Drive (not recommended)
11.  Drop Box     (not recommended)
12.   Yandex Disk  (not recommended)
13.   One Drive    (not recommended)



If the mod author demands to use only original links, its prohibited to upload mods to file hosting servers and to use them.

In case download link is too long and it can't be saved, use url shortener  u.to




8. Insert Youtube Video Links ID  -  Only last Digits of the youtube Link.




For Example: 
Insert only  xlTuC18xVII    (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=  must be removed)


Note: If specific mods youtube gameplay is not available, insert games trailer video link.




9. Type Mods Size (MB)




10. Always insert Tags 

Go to your added page, Click on settings button on the upperright corner and then Tags Button (left to edit Button)Torrent 1

Type  Tags in this order (separated by comma):  "mods name", "games name", mods, cars (or trucks, weapons, maps ...), simulator, game, download


Colt King Cobra .357 Magnum, GTA 5, mods, Grand Theft Auto V, weapons, simulator, game, download
Ford Fiesta 1.6 Zetec S 2009, City Car Driving 1.5 - 1.5.6, mods, cars, simulator, game, download
Renault Range T 480 Euro 6 v7.3 [1.30.x], ETS 2, Euro Truck Simulator 2, trucks, mods, game, download
Snowy Cottage Map, CS:GO, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, mods, maps, game, download